Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

Anirban Sengupta, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

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My interest are in MRI Image Analysis, EEG signal Processing, fMRI Image Analysis and Machine Learning


1. My current research work involves analysis of LFP data and fMRI data of non-human primates. 2.The PhD research work involved estimating robust quantitative parameters from DCE-MRI data and devise methodology for tumor segmentation and grading using a combination of DCE-MRI and Conventional MRI parameters under a supervised Machine learning framework.


A. Sengupta, R.K. Gupta, A. Singh, Evaluation of B1 inhomogeneity effect on DCE-MRI data analysis of brain tumor patients at 3T, J. Transl. Med. 15 (2017) 242.

A. Sengupta, S. Agarwal, P.K. Gupta, S. Ahlawat, R. Patir, R.K. Gupta, A. Singh, On Differentiation between Vasogenic Edema and Non-Enhancing Tumor in High-Grade Glioma Patients using Support Vector Machine Classifier based upon Pre and Post Surgery MRI Images, Eur. J. Radiol. 106 (2018) 199-208.

A Sengupta, A Ramaniharan, RK Gupta,S Agarwal, A Singh. Grading of Glioma using optimized features obtained from T1 perfusion MRI and volume of different tumor components in a Machine learning framework . J Magn Reson Imaging. (2019). doi: 10.1002/jmri.26704.