Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

Anna Combes, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Fellow

Contact Information
(615) 421-8131


I am interested in establishing and using quantitative MRI methods to study the brain and spinal cord in health and disease. I am also interested in the clinical and cognitive aspects of neurological conditions, particularly multiple sclerosis.


My current work involves investigating the reliability and clinical correlates of resting-state functional networks in the spinal cord in various conditions, including multiple sclerosis. The aim of these projects is to establish clinically relevant MRI markers of cord integrity and function, in order to improve prognosis and evaluation of treatment options in populations with spinal cord pathology.


Kolind, S., Seddigh, A., Combes, A., Russell-Schulz, B., Tam, R., Yogendrakumar, V., Deoni, S., Sibtain, N.A., Traboulsee, A., Williams, S.C. and Barker, G.J., 2015. Brain and cord myelin water imaging: a progressive multiple sclerosis biomarker. NeuroImage: Clinical, 9, pp.574-580.

Combes, A.J., Matthews, L., Lee, J.S., Li, D.K., Carruthers, R., Traboulsee, A.L., Barker, G.J., Palace, J. and Kolind, S., 2017. Cervical cord myelin water imaging shows degenerative changes over one year in multiple sclerosis but not neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder. NeuroImage: Clinical, 16, pp.17-22.