Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

Anna W. Roe, PhD

Professor in Department of Psychology
Professor in Departement of Radiology
Professor in Biomedical Engineering

Contact Information
(615) 343-0901


I am interested in understanding how the brain produces behavior. Using optical imaging, fmri, and electrophysiological methods in nonhuman primates, I evaluate what networks of modules in the cerebral cortex underly sensory and motor behaviors.


Functional organization of V4
Attentional modulation of V1, V2, V4 networks
Functional circuits underlying manual power grasp and precision grasp in somatosensory and motor cortex
Optical brain machine interface
Laser and optogenetic stimulation of functional networks in cerebral cortex


Chernov M, Roe AW (2014) Infrared neural stimulation: a new stimulation tool for CNS applications. Neurophotonics, 1(1), 011011 (2014).

Wang Z, Qi H-X, Kaas JH, Roe AW, Chen LM, (2013) Functional signature of recovering cortex: dissociation of local field potentials and spiking activity in somatosensory cortices of spinal cord injure monkeys. Exp Neurol, 249:132-43.

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