Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

David Smith, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Radiology and Radiological Sciences

Contact Information
(615) 936-5166


I'm interested in improving and developing new techniques and applications for MRI in cancer imaging.  


Some of my current work includes 3T breast imaging and applying compressed sensing to DCE MRI, ultra-high spatial and temporal resolution imaging, and susceptibility-weighted imaging.


Smith, DS, and Stabin, M. Gamma-ray Exposure Rate Constants and Lead Shielding Data for over 1200 Radionuclides. Physics in Medicine and Biology, in press, 2010.  

Smith, DS, and Scalo, JM. Habitable zones exposed: astrosphere collapse frequency as a function of stellar mass. Astrobiology, 9(7), 673-81, 2009.

Smith, DS, and Scalo, JM. Risks due to X-ray flares during astronaut extravehicular activity. Space Weather, 5(6), 2007.

Smith, DS, and Scalo, JM. Solar X-ray flare hazards on the surface of Mars. Planetary and Space Science, 55, 517-527, 2007.

Smith, DS, Scalo, JM, and Wheeler, JC. Transport of ionizing radiation in terrestrial-like exoplanet atmospheres. Icarus, 171, 229-253, 2004.