Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

Eduard Chekmenev, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences, Biomedical Engineering
Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center (VICC)
Professor of Russian Academy of Sciences
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Contact Information
(615) 322-1329


I am interested in development of hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance hardware, hyperpolarized contrast agents for molecular imaging & development of new approaches for molecular imaging of cancer and lung diseases.


My team designs and builds novel hyperpolarization equipment and develops molecular imaging probes and new imaging approaches. The projects span from proof-of-principle physical chemistry to animal experiments and clinical research devices. Several projects with primary focus on MRI hyperpolarized imaging are ongoing:
1. Development and validation of hyperpolarized imaging probes for cancer imaging at high and low magnetic fields: imaging of pH and elevated glycolysis biomarkers of cancer
2. Development of low-field (0.05 T) multi-nuclear MRI scanners and RF probes for molecular imaging of breast cancer and lung diseases;
3. Design and construction of third-generation clinical Xenon-129 and propane hyperpolarizers for pulmonary imaging;
4. Upgrade of clinical second-generation Xenon-129 hyperpolarizer (XeUS) at University of Nottingham in UK.

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