Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

Jeff Nyman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation

Contact Information
(615) 936-6296


The goal of my research is to lower the number of bone fractures associated with osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, and aging.


One project investigates the determinants of bound water in bone and the ability of 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to explain the age- and diabetes-related decrease in bone's resistance to fracture. Another project aims to identify novel Raman spectrocospy signatures that can distinguish normal bone quality from poor bone quality. Using wild-type and genetically modified mice with and without exogenous treatments, I also have several projects investigating how advanced glycation end-products, matrix proteins, and growth factors affect bone toughness. In collaboration with my colleagues at the Center for Bone Biology, we test new therapeutics to prevent fractures or heal fractures in pre-clinical rodent models of disease (namely, diabetes, bone metastasis, neurofibromatosis type 1).


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