Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

Limin Chen, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Radiology and Radiological Sciences

Contact Information
(615) 936-7069


My research centers on understanding the neural mechanisms underlying nociception and touch, and functions of plastic changes following spinal cord injury in primates.


My research projects are High resolution fMRI of nociception in non-human primates, High resultion fMRI of pain and touch perception in humans at 7T High resolution, and fMRI of cortical plasticity following spinal cord injury in non-human primates.


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Wang Z, Qi H-X, Kaas JH, Roe AW, Chen LM. (2013) Functional Signature of Recovering Cortex: Dissociation of Local Field Potentials and Spiking Activity in Somatosensory Cortices of Spinal Cord Injured Monkeys. Experimental Neurology 249:132-143

Stringer EA, Qiao P-G, Friedman RM, Holroyd L, Newton AT, Gore JC, and Chen LM. Distinct Fine-Scale Functional Organizations of Contra- and Ipsilateral Somatosensory Areas 3b and 1 of Humans. Human Brain Mapping. 2014 (in press)

Yang Pai-Feng, Qi Hui-Xin, Kaas JH; Chen LM. Parallel Functional Reorganization of Somatosensory Areas 3b and 1 and S2 Following Spinal Cord Injury in Squirrel Monkeys. J Neurosci. (revision)

Wang F, Qi H-X, Zu Z, Mishra A, Tang C, Gore JC, Chen LM. Multi-parametric MRI Reveals Dynamic Changes in Molecular Signatures of Injured Spinal Cord in Monkeys. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (revision)