Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

Matthew Cronin, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

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My research focuses on exploring the effects of tissue microstructure and content on quantitative MRI measurements, with a particular focus on quantitative susceptibility mapping and other GRE phase based techniques.



Cronin, M.J., Wang, N., Decker, K.S., Wei, H., Zhu, W.Z. and Liu, C., 2017. Exploring the origins of echo-time-dependent quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) measurements in healthy tissue and cerebral microbleeds. NeuroImage, 149, pp.98-113.

Cronin, M.J., Wharton, S., Al-Radaideh, A., Constantinescu, C., Evangelou, N., Bowtell, R. and Gowland, P.A., 2016. A comparison of phase imaging and quantitative susceptibility mapping in the imaging of multiple sclerosis lesions at ultrahigh field. Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine, 29(3), pp.543-557.

Wallace, M.N., Cronin, M.J., Bowtell, R.W., Scott, I.S., Palmer, A.R. and Gowland, P.A., 2016. Histological basis of laminar MRI patterns in high resolution images of fixed human auditory cortex. Frontiers in neuroscience, 10.

Liu, C., Wei, H., Gong, N.J., Cronin, M., Dibb, R. and Decker, K., 2015. Quantitative susceptibility mapping: contrast mechanisms and clinical applications. Tomography: a journal for imaging research, 1(1), p.3.