Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

Manus Donahue, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences, Psychiatry, Neurology, and Physics and Astronomy
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(615) 322-8350


To use novel imaging and computational approaches to identify physiological changes that occur prior to advanced symptom progression, and to use these biomarkers to triage patients for disease-modifying therapies prior to irreversible tissue damage.


1. Quantifying the impact of surgical, pharmacological, and hematopoietic stem cell interventions on tissue health in adult and pediatric patients with cerebrovascular disease
2. Using imaging to guide therapies that improve the lymphatic circulation and lymphoid tissue function in patients with lymphedema, lipedema, and infectious diseases
3. Using deep learning architectures and time-delay analyses to model predictive behavior of dividend growth stock performance
4. Fostering an environment of open communication in clinical radiology departments


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