Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

Rachelle Crescenzi, Ph.D.

Research Instructor

Contact Information
(615) 322-8350


My research interests are in the development of noninvasive MRI techniques that exploit endogenous molecular contrasts in vivo. My recent developments have focused on optimizing image contrast for the lymphatic system, including abilities to image small vessel structures, lymph node organs, and the unique properties of lymphatic fluid in tissues. In particular, I have experience with sodium, T1rho, CEST, and multi-point Dixon MRI methods, and have applied these methods to measure tissue sodium, protein, and fat accumulation in diseases of impaired lymphatic vascular clearance.


My research projects focus on understudied diseases of the lymphatic system with a focus on those that impact women's health, including breast cancer treatment-related lymphedema and lipedema. I work with a collaborative group of research scientists and physicians within The Center for Translational Vascular and Physiological Imaging. For more information regarding methods, current developments, and for patients who may be interested in learning more about our research studies, please visit the Donahue lab website


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