Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

Ryan Robison, Ph.D.

Radiology Visiting Assistant Professor

Contact Information
(615) 322-8530


My research interests include advanced MRI acquisition methods, data reconstruction, and artifact corrections. While all MR imaging research is of interest to me, I have a particular interest in Neuroimaging; specifically I am interested in brain function, communication, and development.


As a Philips Clinical Scientist I collaborate with others at the VUIIS in their research efforts in addition to pursuing my own projects. Current projects include characterization of gradient behavior, fast 3D prospective motion correction, fast 3D imaging trajectories, and B0 field mapping.


Johnson KO, Robison RK, Pipe JG. 'Rigid Body Motion Compensation for Spiral Projection Imaging', IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, In-press.

Robison RK, Devaraj A, Pipe JG. 'Fast, Simple Gradient Delay Estimation for Spiral MRI', Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2010; 63: 1683-1690.