Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

Xinqiang Yan, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor

Contact Information


I am interested in RF hardware; Parallel imaging; Parallel transmission


My research project is RF coil for prostate imaging at 7T


X. Yan, et al, 7T transmit/receive arrays using ICE decoupling for human head MR imaging, IEEE Trans on Med Imag, 33:1781-1787 (2014).

X. Yan, et al, Optimization of an 8-Channel Loop-Array Coil for a 7 T MRI System with the Guidance of a Co-Simulation Approach, Appl Magn Reson, 45: 437-449 (2014).

X. Yan, et al, Design and Test of Magnetic Wall Decoupling for Dipole Transmit/Receive Array for MR Imaging at the Ultrahigh Field of 7T, Appl Magn Reson, 46: 59-66 (2015).

X. Yan, et al, Magnetic wall decoupling method for monopole coil array in ultrahigh field MRI: a feasibility test, Quant Imaging Med Surg, 4(2): 79-86 (2014).

X. Yan, et al, A monopole/loop dual-tuned RF coil for ultrahigh field MRI, 4(4): 225-231 (2014)