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Request for access to VUIIS Small Animal Imaging Scanners

Please note: New project requests involving live animals may take up to 30 days for approval

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Instruments: *
MRI 4.7 (Current Schedule) $175/hr
MRI 7.0 (Current Schedule) $175/hr
MRI 9.4 (Current Schedule) $175/hr
MRI 15.2 (Current Schedule) $175/hr

Note: For nuclear imaging, radiochemistry charges are separate (Radiochemistry)

Scanco MicroCT (ex vivo) (Current Schedule) $40/hr
Scanco vivaCT80 (Current Schedule) $200/hr
Visen FMT2500 (Current Schedule) $80/hr
MicroPET (Current Schedule) $200/hr
MicroSPECT/CT (Current Schedule) $200/hr
Ultrasound (Current Schedule) $60/hr
Xenogen (bioluminescence/fluorescence) / IVIS (Current Schedule) $80/hr
Maestro (Current Schedule) $80/hr
Faxitron X-ray (Current Schedule) $65/hr
Autoradiography (Current Schedule) $65/hr

Image Analyses

PET and SPECT image analysis $65/hr (analysis assistance is optional)

Involves Animals
if so, IACUC #:
Animal studies require ABSL-2 housing
Describe Animal prep and monitoring required:

Exogenous agents required:
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