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Computer/IT Support

Contact: Bruce Martin (615-322-6691)

Brief Description

  • Computer/IT resource for members of VUIIS including troubleshooting computer, printer and network problems.
  • Assist in configuration, purchasing and setup of new computers.
  • Point of contact between VUIIS and ITS, NCS and other Medical Center and Campus IT organizations.
  • VUIIS currently has servers that host web, file, ftp, and authentication services.
  • Approximately 66 terabytes of storage are available for the file server. Each user has a 40GB quota.
  • Computer Core Lab (MCN/VUIIS, AA1115) is equipped with:
    • 3 -Apple Mac Mini (mid 2011), 2.0GHz Quad Core Intel i7, 16GB RAM, Dual boot (Bootcamp)
    • 1 - Dell Workstation
  • See Computer Lab Status for current status and what software is available on the systems .
  • Please remember that the workstations in the computing lab are a shared resource and there is no good reason to lock the terminal and walk away (for more than a few minutes). If you have a long job to run, you should execute it in the background (at low priority) so others can use these computers. For information on setting up a background process on the linux workstations and other How-to information see the IT How-to and other tips section of this web site.
  • New members of VUIIS needing VUnetID, VUIIS computer accounts or other IT assistance please see our new Information for New VUIIS Members page.

  • If you need an account on one of the VUIIS computer systems,
    please fill out a request form and it will be emailed to the VUIIS Systems Administrator.

    VUIIS Computer Systems Account Request form

    Password Reset Request form

    Computer Core Lab Scheduling

    If there is a problem with the server, one of the workstations or a printer,
    please fill out a log form and it will be emailed to the Systems Administrator.

    ELOG - Logging and Reporting System

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