Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

POLICIES and Procedures

4.7T, 7T and 9.4T Magnet Access

The Small Animal MRI Review Committee (SAMRC) must approve all projects before they can be scheduled. All requests for new projects should be made via an online application form.

The form is automatically forwarded to Mark Does PhD for approval by the SAMRC. If animals are involved, the form is also automatically forwarded to Jarrod True for IACUC verification. If the project is approved by both parties, Jarrod True creates a Project Number (PN) for the project. With the project number you can reserve time on the 4.7T, 7T, and 9.4T scanners.

The auto scheduling system works on a first-come, first-served basis.
It is possible to book up to 4 weeks in advance.

Time slots available:
There are fixed starting and ending times for the Magnets.

Please book using the following slots:

Scanner: Time Slots:
All (4.7T, 7T, 9.4T) 8:00 – 12:00
12:00 – 3:00
3:00 – 5:00
5:00 – 6:00

Animal assistance / technical assistance:

The calendar will be evaluated each Monday and Thursday at 3:00 PM to ensure adequate animal/technical support. For studies on Thursday or Friday, book in advance of Monday 3:00 PM; for studies on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, book in advance of Thursday 3:00 PM. If you book on shorter notice you will need to confirm with Jarrod True or Daniel Colvin to know if assistance is available.


The scanners are available between 8AM-6PM Mon-Friday.

Special approval is required for experiment time between 6PM-8AM Mon-Thursday, Friday after 6PM or on weekends.

A limited amount of magnet time may be available to collect pilot/feasibility data, or for development projects of broad interest.

Billing Fees

$125 per hour.

Cancellation Policies

If a scheduled experiment needs to be cancelled, it has to be done 2 days in advance or replaced by another paid study. If none of these actions are taken, scheduled charges will be incurred.

Please do not abuse the self-scheduling system by booking “placeholder” slots, only to cancel some later. Users make plans based on the schedule, and it is not fair to block slots if you are not planning to use them.

Charging Exceptions

--If the magnet fails to run for an experiment that has been previously tested.

--In the event that technical or animal assistance was not available and this assistance was previously requested on the time request form.

**ALL PROJECTS INVOLVING ANIMALS. Please submit a copy of your IACUC to Jarrod True. It MUST include specific approval to run on the magnet or your project will be held up.

Booking Procedures

Go to
username: yours
password: yours

Click GO

Reading the Schedule
Select the magnet you want to use in “choose a schedule”.
The slots already booked are shown in different colors for different projects. If you want to know who booked a particular slot, move the mouse over the slot. Click on the slot to email the user who has booked it.

Booking a Slot
To book a slot, click on the starting time (it turns yellow), then make a click in the ending time. The starting and ending times are shown in the window located in the right bottom of the screen. After selecting the options for your slot you need to click GO. The options are:

Animal monitoring (AM) only
Animal support (AS) only
Technical support (TS) only
AM and AS
AM and TS
AM and AS and TS
None of the above

Finally, click OK to see the schedule.

More than one account per user
Users who are working on different projects will have more than one account. For example, if Bill is working in the projects “tumor” and “gating” he will have two accounts: bill_tumor and bill_gating. It is important to book using the right account, because the billing is done by project.