Grissom Lab Members

Grissom Lab 

The Grissom Lab in Summer 2018.
Front Row Left to Right: Huiwen Luo, Megan Poorman, Kristin Quah, Margerie Huet, Sumeeth Jonathan. Back Row Left to Right: Martin Ma, Xinqiang Yan, Charlotte Sappo, Will Grissom, Zhipeng Cao.

Grissom Lab 

Current and former Grissom lab members at ISMRM 2017.
Left to right: Becca Weires, Anuj Sharma, Huiwen Luo, Annie Zhang, Xinqiang Yan, Julianna Ianni, Megan Poorman, Will Grissom, and Pooja Gaur.

PI: Will Grissom, Ph.D.

Graduate Students

  • Jonathan Martin: Current, joined Fall 2018. Working on 7T pTx RF pulse design.

  • Huiwen Luo: Current, joined Fall 2017. Working on optical FUS beam mapping.

  • Charlotte Sappo: Current, joined Fall 2017. Working on RF coils and hardware.

  • Sumeeth Jonathan: Current, joined Fall 2015. Working on transcranial FUS autofocusing.

  • Jun (Martin) Ma: Current, joined Fall 2014. Working on RF pulse design.

  • Megan Poorman: Current, joined Fall 2014. Working on MR temperature imaging.

  • Chris Hasselwander: Graduated (Masters) Spring 2016, currently an engineer at Stryker.

  • Julianna Ianni: Defended Fall 2017, currently a Deep Learning Engineer at Proscia.

  • Pooja Gaur: Defended Spring 2016, currently a postdoc in Kim Butts Pauly's group at Stanford.

  • Anuj Sharma: Defended Spring 2015, currently a Research Scientist at Toshiba Medical Research Institute.

Postdocs and Research Assistant Professors

Undergraduate Students

  • Kristin Quah: Current, working on MR temperature imaging

  • Gabriela Gallego: Current, working on RF coils and hardware

  • Tianyi (Mason) Chen: Former, went to grad school at Johns Hopkins

  • Becca Weires: Former, went to law school at Stanford U

  • Yuxin (Annie Zhang): Former, went to grad school at U Wisconsin

  • Michael Kremer: Former, went to medical school at Tulane

  • Chris Hasselwander: Former, went to grad school at Vanderbilt